Paper Towns

by John Green

Plot: 5 – Excellent
Characters: 5 – Excellent
Writing: 5 – Excellent
Pace: 3 – average
Cliche Meter: 4 – original

Overall: 4.4

Comments: John Green is fantastic when it comes to writing great characters and interesting plot. This book is about the disappearance of the undisputed ‘queen’ of Quentin’s high school-his next-door neighbor, Margo. She vanishes after rcruiting him for a hilarious night of revenge on her ex-boyfriend-and then she disappears. He refuses to think that this is the end of Margo, follows her clues, and finds her again, all the while tying to the best of his ability to avoid the mention of prom and survive his last few months of high school. It’s a really great book!

Reviewer: E.P.



by Jessica Anthony

Plot: 4 – Good
Characters: 4 – Good
Writing: 5 – Excellent
Pace: 4 – fast
Cliche Meter: 4 – original

Overall Rating: 4.2

Comments: A novel told through pictures and experiences like never before. A story of a girl and how her fame means everything to her father, and her love means everything to the boy next door.

Reviewer: TT