Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

by Gabrielle Zevin
Plot: 4 – Good
Characters: 4 – Good
Writing: 4 – Good
Pace: 3 – average
Cliche Meter: 2 – cliche

Overall: 3.4
Comments: After an ill-fated coin toss which resulted in Naomi having to go back and get the camera, she fell down the stairs and hit her head-and woke up not remembering anything since she’d turned twelve. Not her parent’s divorce, not her best friend, Will, not her boyfriend Ace or her love for yearbook club. They only person she knows is James, who called the hospital when he saw her fall. And James is a bit of a mystery, too… (A good book. The plot is memorable, if a bit cliche, and Naomi’s a believeable heroine. 4/5 stars.)

Reviewer: E.P.


Dead Beautiful

by Yvonne Woon

Plot: 4 – Good
Characters: 5 – Excellent
Writing: 3 – Average
Pace: 2 – slow
Cliche Meter: 3 – average

Overall Rating: 3.4

Comments: You should read this book because its really good book and I think you’ll like it. Renee is a girl who is in a home that has a bunch of secrets.

Reviewer: RD